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The Ringers Grind Out Biddy Ball Division Title
July 30, 2022
By Morgan Wenger
Tournament Director

Perry and The Ringers seemed a step above the rest of the field in the Biddy Ball Division after two rounds of pool play. Both teams won their first two games convincingly, while every other team in the field had at least one loss. The two favorites played in a bracket challenge game to determine who got the top seed on the bracket.

From Home Page Perry took control of the game at the midway point and never looked back. XJ Wohlheter led the way for Perry with 11 points while Joey Luchitz added eight points. Luchitz had been on fire in the previous rounds, scoring in double digits in the other Perry wins. This included a 20-point outburst against WooWay. Adrian Jelks scored 17 points in defeat for The Ringers in their 28-22 loss.

After their heated battle in the bracket challenge game, most observers thought Perry and The Ringers were the odds-on favorites to have a second meeting in the division championship game. The Smithie Hoopsters had other ideas. The Smithie Hoopsters were a pedestrian 1-2 heading into bracket play and had even absorbed a 15 point shellacking against The Ringers. Undaunted, they started off bracket play by defeating Hoop Dreamz 30-21. Brady Sidle (14 points) and Grayson Wenger (11 points) led the way for the Smithie Hoopsters, while Kolbe Ramion pumped in 13 points in defeat for Hoop Dreamz.

Darrius Howard of The Ringers is all business as he defends Brady Sidle of the Smithie Hoopsters

Undefeated, top seeded Perry awaited the Smithie Hoopsters in the semifinal round. This game was nip and tuck the entire way. Brady Sidle was absolutely dealing as he tried to single handedly will his squad into the championship game. Sidle used his quickness and strength to get to the basket and used his jump shot to keep the defenders honest. He piled up 19 points to lead his team to a thrilling 29-27 upset of Perry. Joey Luchitz and Alex Rohr went down swinging for Perry as they finished with 12 and 11 points, respectively. The Ringers, the second seed on the bracket, also found the sledding tough in the semifinal round. They were pushed to the limit by a game WooWay team. Owen Buzzard (9 points) and Deacon Gilbert (8 points) gave it their best shot, but The Ringers were able to escape with a 26-24 win behind 13 points from Adrian Jelks. Darrius Howard chipped in eight key points for The Ringers to contribute to their victory.

The Ringers had been beaten by Perry and heavily challenged by WooWay, but they intended on leaving no doubt in the championship game against the Smithie Hoopsters. The Smithie Hoopsters were riding a wave of confidence after their surprising run through the bracket, but The Ringers were just too much in the finals. Everyone got in on the act for The Ringers in the championship game. Adrian Jelks, as he had been all day, was the leader with 10 points. He got plenty of help from Darrius Howard (eight points), Cam Chaney (seven points), and Javon Mosley (six points) in the 30-17 win. Brady Sidle led the Smithie Hoopsters with 11 points in defeat.

The Ringers (Darrius Howard, Javon Mosley, Adrian Jelks, and Porter Boreman)

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