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Sean'Say Tanner and his NE Ohio team won the Biddy Ball division championship


1. Each team can have up to four (4) players on their roster.

2. All games will be officiated. The referees' decisions are final. Each player is expected to treat the officials with respect. The referees are allowed to call technical fouls at their own discretion. A player who receives a technical foul is disqualified for the remainder of the current game. If two players are disqualified for the same game, the team must finish the game with two players. If any player receives two technical fouls in the same game, the player will be disqualified for the remainder of the tournament.

3. Each game will be played to thirty (30) points or twenty five minutes. Whichever comes faster will determine the format.

4. Each team is allowed six team fouls per game. Of the first six fouls, only shooting fouls will be rewarded with free throws (1 free throw worth two points). Beginning with the seventh team foul, the team who is fouled will have an option of one free throw worth two points or taking the ball out. The only three point plays are three point shots. Even on shooting fouls, the player who was fouled always has the choice of whether to shoot the free throw or take the ball out.

5. We are guests of all facilities used for this tournament. Please treat the facilities with respect.

6. During free throw attempts ALL players on the court must be standing between the three point circle and the half court line.

7. Each possession following a dead ball will start with the defensive team checking the ball to the offensive team at the top of the key. The offensive player can only pass the ball in. They cannot dribble or shoot the ball. The defensive player has to have both feet inside the three point circle until the ball is passed. The defensive player cannot get up and pressure the passer. Once the ball is passed in, regular rules are in play.

8. Every team is guaranteed a minimum of three games. The tournament will either be triple elimination or pool play depending upon the number of teams in each division. The Top Dawg division will be triple elimination. The final two teams in the Top Dawg division will play a best of three championship series. The tournament format is decided by the tournament director.